October 11, 2022 | Common misconceptions and questions about artificial insemination

Common misconceptions and questions regarding Artifcial Insemination

Misconceptions and questions regarding artificial insemination

There are many misconceptions about Artificial insemination. I have addressed these along with the FAQ’s.

Does sperm needs time to liquify before inserting?

This is false. Think about it this way, when insemination happens naturally which it has since the beginning of time, it doesn’t get a chance to liquefy. Over time it will liquefy which is okay. Just make sure you get it in within an hour and that it is kept at body temperature until then.

Do I have to orgasm after insemination

False, if this were a requirement, then mankind would not exist. It is said that orgasm helps the sperm travel up through the cervix and all the way up to the egg. This happens as when you orgasm your uterus contracts. If you want to orgasm, then do it but don’t put pressure on yourself as the stress tightens up everything. If you want to orgasm, just do a clitoral orgasm (no penetration) and don’t do oral. Personally i orgasmed but my partner didnt.

Can i bath after insemination?

Avoid bathing, swimming and showering after insemination unless you have put in a softcup.

What if there is sperm left in the softcup when i removed it?

Totally normal and expected. Ejaculate is made up of Sperm and Semen. Sperm are the cells, and Semen is a fluid that the sperm live in. The sperm cells are what goes through the cervix leaving all the seminal fluid behind

How long do i need to keep my hips elevated?

You only need to keep your hips up for about 30 Minutes.

How long do i have to put the sperm in?

Sperm must be put in within the hour. Please ensure you keep it at body temperature until then. You can keep it under your armpit, in your bra or between your legs. Our donor would prepare the sample at home, transfer it into a syringe and drive it to us with it under his armpit. It took maybe 30-40 min to get into us.

When is the best time to inseminate?

Sperm lasts for up to 5 days in the right environment. It’s suggested to inseminate 2-3 days before the expected LH peak and the day of or the day after the LH peak. Do not inseminate every day as it decreases sperm count and quality. Every 2 days is better. Aim for 2 inseminations a month and if you can only do 1, do it the day of the expected LH peak.

What syringe should i use?

You can use any 10ml syringe. The standard 10ml syringes worked for us getting pregnant however were uncomfortable and it itched a bit. I have sourced syringes that are round-tipped for comfort and are longer than standard syringes. You can find these in our online store

Can I use a normal menstrual disc to put in after insemination?

Use a softdisc/softcup instead of your average menstrual disc as they are more shallow and wider. We sell these on our online store. Please be careful of the knock-off discs; they have a purple rim, and the original cups have a pink rim as per the photos under our store.

We wanted to offer you a reusable option, so we tested out every reusable disc on the market and found them too big or too small. The rims were too soft or too hard and based on that, we have perfected the design of ones that are just like the softdisc/softcup just reusable. You can checkout and purchase these on our online shop. If you need more info on softdiscs, checkout this article on artificial insemination processes and methods containing insights and videos.

Does silicone kill sperm?

This is far from the truth. Sperm can still live up to 5 days under the right circumstances. Ensure sperm is donated into a sterile cup, sealed shut and kept at body temperature. Sperm must be inserted within 1 hour.

Ever heard sperm only lives for 12 hours in the uterus when performing AI (artificial insemiantion) ?

Some silicones can kill sperm. It’s vital to ensure you use medical-grade silicone.

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