October 11, 2022 | Male Fertility and Testing


About your donor

Male infertility affects an average of 25% of men, so if you struggle, you are not alone. A “normal” sperm count ranges from 15 Million to more than 200 million per ml of sperm. On average, there can be between 2ml -5ml per ejaculation. If there is less than 15 million/Ml or 39 million per ejaculate, you have a low sperm count.

Low doesn’t mean any. The count may be low, but they could have fantastic motility.

What to do if you suspect infertility as a male

There are 2 ways to start; firstly, you can go for a Sperm Analysis which can be done with a GP referral or privately through self-requested testing with labtests
This test will look at the volume, the number of sperm and motility of the sperm.

Some men feel ashamed or scared to go to a clinic, and while there is no need due to the fact that 25% of men struggle with fertility, there is the option to do an at-home test which usually can only tell you the Sperm count. There is now a product that measures quality too, called SwimCount you can find more information here. You can buy these from our online store or at pharmacies.

A sperm analysis is not the only way to check your fertility. It is recommended you get some bloodwork done and even a physical check-up which would need to be done by a GP (General Practitioner).

Understanding your results

We'll add this information shortly. In the meantime, you can check out Fertility Associates for updated facts about Male Fertility and Semen Tests.

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