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Trying to conceive can be challenging
Getting help shouldn’t be.

Overwhelmed by your TTC Journey so far? Our hand picked products and TTC Consultant
can empower and support you at every stage of your journey.

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We offer a range of Services & Products, from At-home
Insemination Support & Helpful Products, Ovulation & Fertility Products to a learning center filled with tips, advices
and therapy for individuals TTC.

at home insemination support

At Home Insemination Products

Most relevant products for successful inseminations at home.

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at home insemination support

Fertility Supplements

Discover products to boost your chances of conception

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at home insemination support

Everything Ovulation

Find products centered around Ovulation

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at home insemination support

At Home Insemination Support

Judgment-free virtual consultant support

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Taryn and Kat

Our Story

Hapū Helpers was created by Taryn and Kat, two women who, like many, faced the challenge of low fertility. Through at-home artificial insemination, we became mothers on our first and second cycles, sharing our journey on 2bumps_samelove . Inspired by the global community that emerged from our story, we created Hapū Helpers.

Here, we openly share our experiences and insights, aiming to support your journey to parenthood. Plus, we offer affordable tools and resources for at-home insemination. Parenthood is a collective journey, and we're here to help you every step of the way."


over 500 babies

since our launch last year


conception rate on second trial (attributed to fertility products)


gene health (Attributed to genetics test before AI)

Complete Collection for the birthing individual
(and their partners)

Birthing Centered, risk-free products for every stage of your conception


Insemination Kits

Created by Taryn & Kat who have gone through the Insemination process at home. Discover the ultimate selection of Insemination Kits in our comprehensive collection. Whether you're embarking on a journey to start a family or seeking assisted reproductive options, our range of premium insemination kits offers you the tools and support you need. From home insemination kits to fertility-friendly accessories, find everything you require to make the process as smooth and effective as possible. Explore our Insemination Kit Collection now and take the first step towards your dream of parenthood with confidence and convenience.

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Fertility Supplements

Elevate your fertility journey with our premium Fertility Supplement Collection. Discover a carefully curated selection of supplements designed to support reproductive health and enhance your chances of conception. From essential vitamins and minerals to specialized fertility blends, our collection offers science-backed solutions to boost your fertility naturally. Take the proactive step towards parenthood and optimize your reproductive wellness with our Fertility Supplement Collection. Start your journey to a brighter, fertility-focused future today.

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Ovulation & Testing

Empower your fertility journey with our comprehensive Ovulation Collection. Explore a range of meticulously curated products designed to help you track and optimize your ovulation. From accurate ovulation prediction kits to supportive supplements, our collection offers the tools and resources you need to enhance your chances of conceiving. Take control of your reproductive health and family planning with our Ovulation Collection today.

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Genetics and Fertility Testing

Explore our comprehensive Genetics and Fertility Collection for cutting-edge solutions and insights. From advanced genetic testing kits to fertility-enhancing supplements, discover a wide array of products designed to empower your journey towards a healthier and more informed reproductive future. Uncover the key to unlocking your genetic potential and optimizing fertility with our curated selection. Elevate your genetic and fertility wellness today!

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