Our mission is to empower individuals like you through conception when and how you need it through tried and tested conception centered products, therapy and advices.

Hapū is a Māori word with 2 meanings. It can mean a Māori Clan/Subtribe and can also mean Pregnant.

We decided on the name Hapū Helpers because we assist people with the knowledge and tools to get pregnant. We are inclusive of everyone and, beyond judgement, a big part of the Māori culture. We aim to help everyone create their little Whānau, their little “Hapū”. We wanted the name to be unique to New Zealand.

After researching the name, I learned I needed to speak to a Maori person for permission. I came across Hemi Kelly in December 2021 and after a discussion, he told me I needed to get permission from a Wahine as she would know more about the topic. I sought guidance from a few Wahine and 1 was a Midwife in her younger years. I was told I had permission as long as I stayed true to myself and true to what Hapū Helpers stands for. In May 2022, I contacted Dr Karaitiana Taiuru, who confirmed that the name was acceptable to use and that there was nothing of offence or appropriation. View article here

Hapū Helpers is all about helping the community, so we will give $1 per order to Hōkai Tahi, who offers pregnancy, baby loss, and postpartum support. I will be looking at extending to 2 other charities too. My motto for the charity work I do is “Give a little, help a lot” I feel that if everyone gave a dollar or 2 to a cause, it would solve many of the causes out there.

  • Vision

    We aim to serve as a one-stop hub, providing access to valuable information and a range of products that cater to your needs from the moment you embark on your conception journey, throughout pregnancy, and as your little one continues to grow.

  • Values

    We are LGBTQ+ friendly and are here to help everyone. We thrive on others success in becoming Parents

  • Mission

    To show people that there are alternative and cheaper ways to fill their dreams of having children.

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