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Proov PdG – Progesterone Metabolite

Proov PdG – Progesterone Metabolite

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Proov PdG goes beyond predicting ovulation; it confirms ovulation success. While conventional ovulation tests focus on LH levels, Proov Confirm delves into PdG, a urinary marker of progesterone. This unique approach offers a deeper understanding of the ovulation process, a vital factor in your journey toward successful pregnancy. When you're striving to conceive, grasping PdG levels becomes a pivotal piece of the puzzle, shedding light on the path to parenthood.


  • WORKS WITH THE FREE PROOV INSIGHT APP: Take your knowledge further and get lab-level numeric results at home in minutes, including your Proov-exclusive Ovulation Quality Score. You’ll also get details on what your results mean and action plans to help you meet your goals.

  • THE ONLY FDA-CLEARED PdG TEST: No other brand can test PdG (a urine marker of progesterone) to Proov’s standard, thanks to our patented, Proov-exclusive protocol.

  • WORKS ALONGSIDE OVULATION TESTS (OPKs) AND PREGNANCY TESTS: Use OPKs to understand your fertile window (the best time to “try), and a pregnancy test at the end of your cycle to check for pregnancy. Proov Confirm fills the gap between the two, confirming if your ovulation quality was high enough for an optimum chance at success.

  • 1:1 SUPPORT INCLUDED WITH EVERY PURCHASE: We’re here to help you reach your fertility goals faster. Join our community and connect with fertility hormone experts by following our social media or just calling us at 1-877-PROOVIT.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proove PdG?

Proove PdG is a test that measures the levels of PdG, a metabolite of progesterone, in urine. It provides valuable insights into the confirmation of ovulation success.

How does Proove PdG differ from traditional ovulation tests?

Unlike traditional ovulation tests that primarily measure LH (luteinizing hormone), Proove PdG focuses on PdG, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the ovulation process.

Why is measuring PdG important for conception?

PdG levels serve as an indicator of the presence of progesterone, a hormone critical for maintaining a pregnancy. Confirming successful ovulation is a key factor in the journey to successful conception.

Is Proove PdG easy to use at home?

Yes, Proove PdG is designed for convenient at-home use. It simplifies the process of monitoring PdG levels, providing essential information in your quest to start a family.

When should I consider using Proove PdG?

Proove PdG is particularly helpful for individuals or couples actively trying to conceive. It offers valuable data to enhance the chances of successful pregnancy.

How can I interpret the results of a Proove PdG test?

Proove PdG results can offer insights into the presence and levels of progesterone, aiding in the confirmation of successful ovulation. The interpretation often involves understanding the fluctuation of PdG levels throughout the menstrual cycle.

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